SampleLooper 1.1.5

SampleLooper 1.1.5: The ultrafast and highly accurate tool to find seamless sustain sample loops. loop finding tools that search for best matches for each channel separately. SampleLooper handles multiple loops natively, which makes it the ideal tool to loop samples for the Hauptwerk™ Virtual Pipe Organ. SampleLooper works with .wav-files in all standard formats, compressed wave data are however not supported. The program will not modify the wave-data itself, it will only add the loop and cue-marker information to the samples. SampleLooper

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loop can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise simply by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen and using right click. Think of the loop as a dynamic rubber band; with each newly opened window the loop automatically grows. With every closed or minimized window, the loop becomes smaller. Anytime you want to return to the desktop, double click on Deskloops tray icon and the windows will shift aside in one swift motion. Deskloops 2.1 includes

xilokit, scroll, search, deskloop, desktop, loop, virtual

Loop Interactive Portfolio 1.1.1: Create your interactive portfolio. Organize and present images and videos.
Loop Interactive Portfolio 1.1.1

Loop you can easily publish your portfolios online in Flash (swf) format. Loop online portfolios share a unique interface, are highly interactive and user friendly. Loop portfolios can also be exported and shared between computers. Loop includes a free standalone player through which anyone can view offline portfolios. Slideshows are created with the click of a button allowing the addition, removal and rearrangement of files in real-time. Loop Interactive

photo software, photo management, loop, interactive portfolio, photo gallery, viewer, real time, portfolios, presentations, multimedia, photo browser, interactive, online portfolio

Loop Recorder 2.08: Loop Recorder is designed for capturing MP3s from the radio.
Loop Recorder 2.08

Loop Recorder is designed for capturing songs from the radio. The loop mode infinitely records up to a specified number of minutes in a continuous loop while scrolling the data. At any time, the current data can be previewed and tracks can be cut and saved as ASF, MP3, OGG or WAV. Songs can be faded in and out and the level can be normalized, while the recording continues in the background.

recording, recorder, timer, scheduled, loop, looprecorder, audio, record, music, sound, infinite, contiuous, looping

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Loopy Puzzle 0.8

Loopy Puzzle is a simple freeware version of the classic Loop/fences/Slither Link puzzle - a sort of cross between MineSweeper and Sudoku. Takes just 5 seconds to learn but can often get very difficult to see the simple loop needed to win the game. Solutions are available via teh Helpscreen and it is easy to create your own levels.

link, loopy, slither, puzzle, loop, free, game, freeware, fences

Samplisizer 1.2.24: Loop-based tool to produce stylish *four-to-the-floor* club music
Samplisizer 1.2.24

loop-based multi-level tool, enabling each user to comfortably work on his or her own level ranging from simple drag*n*dropping loops to creating one’s own tunes, tracks and drum-loops. More than 3,500 elaborate loops are carefully composed, *four-to-the-floor* club music consistent, and harmonically fit each other so that even a random mix in the workspace produces an incredibly sophisticated outcome. Use a wide variety of internal and external

house, techno, club, loop, audio, editor, music, creating, composer

Royalty Free Christmas Music 1: Free audio pack from Royalty Free Christmas Music
Royalty Free Christmas Music 1

Loop and Audio Ident. What are Tracks? Royalty Free Music Tracks from are high quality professional music tracks produced for use within the media industry from television and radio, to multimedia and the Internet. They are available for immediate license for your requirements without the high price of custom produced soundtracks. What are Loops? Music Loops, or “Flash Loops” are short cuts of music tracks that are produced with

royalty, sting, beatsuite com, podsafe, loops, audio, promo, promotional, free, music, bursts, idents, flash

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